You’ve probably heard why Teflon and PFOA-containing cookware, as well as cookware with a non-stick coating, are bad for you. The short explanation is that Teflon, like PFOAs, can cause cancer, low birth weight, early puberty, infertility and reproductive disorders, autoimmune disorders, liver and kidney disease, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, metal toxicity, and respiratory disease when heated at a high temperature, in addition to Teflon particles that get into your food when you continuously use the cookware.

However, are you aware of the reasons why surgical stainless steel is one of the greatest, if not the best, material to use for your cookware?


Stainless steel is quite strong; not only can it endure being dropped several times, but it can also withstand accidental metal fork and spoon scratches and last a lifetime. Take a peek at our happy clients whose cookware has lasted for anywhere between 20 and 100 years and is still in like-new condition!


Both gas and electric stovetops are compatible with stainless steel! Teflon and other PFOA-containing cookware is not suitable for use with gas stoves due to the high temperatures they produce, which can damage the cookware and allow PFOA particles to enter your food. Stainless steel cookware can survive such high temperatures and won’t hurt you, your family, or your pets when used on gas stoves.

What Makes Lustre Craft Waterless Cookware Better Than Other Stainless Steel Cookware?

Even though there are other stainless steel cookware brands out there, here’s what makes Lustre Craft Cookware the better choice for you.


Since our company’s founding in 1906, thousands of American families have proudly welcomed Lustre Craft Waterless Cookware into their homes. We’ve had the pleasure of supporting our fellow Americans for a long time, and we’re quite proud of the trust we’ve built up. With our Lifetime Warranty, which covers all cookware and bakeware against manufacturing and material flaws for a lifetime, Lustre Craft is one way we show our appreciation to our consumers. As time moves forward, every reiteration of Lustre Craft Cookware has improved to be better and more durable than the last version, from 3 layers of stainless steel to now 7 layers steel with the outer layers made of surgical stainless steel, making our cookware be sure to last for generations.

Giving Thanks to the Military

Lustre Craft is aware of how admirable the brave people who defend our nation are to us as a people and that they merit the greatest respect from us. We have customized knobs for each branch of the armed forces as well as for first responders as a token of our gratitude. Hear one of our grateful customers, a veteran who served in the Army and our nation, talk about their experience with Lustre Craft cookware. Thank you for your service.

Heat Distribution

Similar to how your oven distributes heat, Lustre Craft Cookware can do the same. Cookware that doubles as an oven not only provides consistent heat throughout the cooking process, but also drastically reduces cook time, saving you money on your energy/gas cost!

Vapor Seal

Our waterless cookware’s Vapor Seal Technology is one of its benefits. In comparison to traditional cookware, the food cooks more quickly and with a more equal distribution of heat thanks to the Vapor Seal. By harnessing the vapors produced by the moisture from your washed produce and meats, a Vapor Seal is formed between the cookware and its corresponding lid, establishing a tight seal. Because of this seal, your food is through a process similar to steaming, but with added advantages because when food is over-steamed in the conventional manner, many nutrients and flavors are still lost. With the vapor Seal created, you can even take your cookware off the stove and allow the heat sealed within to finish cooking off your food for you, preventing the likelihood of over cooking your food and still retaining the amazing vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and flavors of your ingredients.

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