American-made Since 1906

What is Lustre craft cookware?

The healthiest alternative to boiling and deep frying, that has changed the lives of millions for over one-hundred years.

How Does it Work?

By merging several heat-conducting metals together and creating a thermal core, waterless cookware distributes the heat from the bottom up, the sides in and the top down, just like the oven that requires no grease or water.

Why is it Healthier?

Boiling vegetables with high heat dissolves minerals, nutrients and arteryclearing fiber leaving us hungry and craving unhealthy snacks. Frying without grease reduces calories, cholesterol and artery clogging plaque. The waterless and greaseless method is the healthiest method of cooking ever because the cookware’s even heat distribution does the cooking instead of the water and grease distributing the heat.



Our Dedication to Quality Construction

In 1945, Lustre Craft developed a way of bonding safe and sanitary stainless steel to carbon steel and created multi ply Stainless Steel waterless cookware that lasted forever and came with a lifetime warranty. This practice has continued to be one of the foundations we use to construct the American-made quality cookware that families deserve. Because of our commitment shown through the creation of our waterless cookware, Lustre Craft is owned and loved by millions throughout the world.

See Lustre Craft’s Story

When you read our many five star reviews,

you will understand why the health conscious families of the world are investing in the “ last set of cookware in their life “, not the next one that ends up in the landfill a year later with toxic non stick chemicals leaching into our bodies. “ where would we be financially, if every major purchase in our life had the same lifetime warranty as Lustre Craft Waterless cookware”

Invest in the BEST!


My mother bought her cookware at a home party for $356 over 70 years ago and she took good care of it. When she passed away 15 years ago, she gave it to me. My cookware was part of my mother, and it makes me think of her when I use it. Being a nurse, I know about the dangers of Teflon and aluminum, and this is the best investment you can make.

70 Year Owner


I got my cookware in 1972, I was young, and they came to the house and cooked for us so we bought it. I didn’t think it would last forever, but now it has lasted over 50 years. All the handles and knobs are still on and it is really easy to clean. This cookware is a great investment because it lasts, and you don’t have to buy anything else.

51 Year Owner


I got my set in 1977 and at that time it was $500, my Mom said I was crazy that it was too much money, but I just knew I wanted it. I bought the set anyway and I have been using my amazing cookware every day since. The thickness of the cookware, you can’t beat it and it cleans easily. 46 years later and it is one of the best investments you will ever make.

46 Year Owner


I have people who always comment on that [our Lustre Craft cookware quality] when they come to our home for a meal, how good everything tastes, and they also say about my cookware, man that looks great where did you get that?””

47 Year Owner


Nothing burns in it, you don’t have to use any water, everything retains flavor. We’ve never had to replace any of the pieces If you could buy something that you don’t have to buy again for another 70 years, I would take it.

40 Year Owner


I bought mine when I graduated high school, my mother told me I would need a good set of pots and pans. I made payments on them for 3 years and I have used the same pots and pans for over 54 years. They are awesome, they are a great investment!

54 Year Owner