The health of you and your family is our top focus, making stainless steel cookware one of, if not the finest alternative to cookware that contains harsh chemicals. Kitchen Craft has always opposed using cookware with coatings that claims to be non-stick. We are highly knowledgeable on whether such non-stick coatings might contain harsh chemicals like Teflon and POFAs that might break down in your food and result in:

• Cancer

• Low birth weight

• Early puberty

• Infertility and reproductive disorders• Autoimmune disorders

• Liver and kidney disease

• Thyroid disease

• High cholesterol

• Respiratory disease

On top of Kitchen Craft providing stainless steel cookware, our cookware is also waterless and greaseless allowing you to have all the nutrients of your healthy dishes and avoid not only the unhealthy oils, but possibly the new found dangers in our water.

“CNBC Reports: “Now two new analyses of drinking water data and the science used to analyze it make clear the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Defense have downplayed the public threat posed by these chemicals.

Far more people have likely been exposed to dangerous levels of them than has previously been reported because contamination from them is more widespread than has ever been officially acknowledged.

The EPA and the Department of Defense calibrated water tests to exclude some harmful levels of contamination and only register especially high concentrations of chemicals, according to the vice president of one testing company.

Several prominent scientists told ProPublica the DOD chose to use tests that would identify only a handful of chemicals rather than more advanced tests that the agencies’ own scientists had helped develop which could potentially identify the presence of hundreds of additional compounds.”“…Widespread contamination may be harming the health of millions or even tens of millions of Americans and the government is intentionally covering up some of the evidence,” said Erik Olson, a senior director for health, food and agriculture initiatives at the Natural Resources Defense Council, in an interview.””

The chemicals PFOA and Teflon can accumulate in your body, travel through to your unborn child during pregnancy, and the fumes are harmful enough to even kill any pet birds you may have, as if the dishonesty in testing our water weren’t enough. Imagine what this chemical is doing to your family if it can harm tiny animals. Choosing the greatest substitute, stainless steel cookware, may and will provide your family with a healthier way of life for all of their lives.

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