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Welcome to the Lustre Craft family, where you can enjoy choosing from our over 100 proven recipes and read many great stories from our otherLustre Craft family members. Looking for ideas, follow me on Instagram & Facebook for a world full of health and adventure.

I’m Ernesto Jimenez, your chef and this is my life and journey. My wife, Christyfaye, is my rock. I have two incredible girls, and I am U.S. Army Retired (SFC). Kitchen Craft keeps me busy, but in between shows we have lots of time to explore. I love to scuba dive, and for a while I was training to become a hot air balloon pilot.

I appreciate the satisfaction of knowing we sell a product that is a win-win-win for everyone. We promote health and wellness. My clients are not buying cookware, they are buying an answer to a problem. You may be dealing with obesity, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries; any number of ailments. Using our cookware can assist with better nutrition, and better nutrition can help you live longer, healthier lives. I love this. I sleep well at night knowing we create a product that will never see a landfill. Our cookware is heirloom, it is forever. It is passed down through the generations.