Fox News published their research on the risks associated with Teflon nonstick cookware. According to tests conducted by Australian researchers, using your Teflon-coated pan as intended could still pose health hazards due to even the slightest scratch on its surface. How? by discharging countless microscopic plastic particles while you use or clean your Teflon cookware.

“At a micro scale, Raman imaging and algorithmic modeling have identified that broken coating may lead to the release of 2.3 million microplastics and nano plastics.”

Dr. Cheng Fang, one of the authors from this Australian study states, “Given the fact PFAS is a big concern, these Teflon microparticles in our food might be a health concern, [which] needs investigating because we don’t know much about these emerging contaminants.”

Tests were conducted by Dr. Fang and his team utilizing a variety of non-stick coating pans, both new and used, as well as cooking tools typically used in such pans, such as a steel spatula, a barbecue clamp, a stainless steel wool scrubber, and a wooden spatula.

One of Dr. Fang’s findings was that the coating on Teflon cookware may eventually leak particles even if it is not damaged in any manner. Dr. Fang is true in that even if the Teflon is not broken, you can still be impacted by it if your cookware comes into touch with extreme heat. Once Teflon is heated to a high degree, fumes are released from the cookware that are harsh enough to kill a bird, so imagine what such fumes are doing to you and your family. Flinders University researcher Professor Youhong Tang said the study warns people to be careful about selecting and using utensils to avoid food contamination, but that more research is recommended.”

Musto, Julia. “Non-Stick Pans Could Release Millions of Microplastic Particles in Possible ‘Health Concern,’ Study Says.” Fox News, FOX News Network, 5 Nov. 2022,

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