Numerous Americans have used Lustre Craft Cookware with great success in taking charge of their health and wellness. Since its founding in 1906, Lustre Craft has worked to improve the quality of life for Americans and people all over the world. Over the years, a growing number of our clients have told us about how we’ve helped them with everything from weight loss to life-threatening illnesses that once seemed insurmountable. Hearing these inspiring and moving stories encourages us at Lustre Craft to share our cookware for improved health as widely as we can, for the benefit of everyone’s family and future generations.

Weight Loss

Many people have lost weight using Lustre Craft as their primary cooking tool since the cookware allows meals to be prepared with little to no butter or oil and encourages cooking produce and meats while maintaining their nutrients and vitamins. Some people have even dropped close to 200 pounds with Lustre Craft!


Diabetes is an extremely crippling condition that, if left untreated, can have numerous life-altering effects, including impaired coordination and even death. Even when physicians warned one of them to expect the worst if she doesn’t take action soon, these courageous survivors were able to seize control of their sickness and reclaim their lives.


Due to the numerous addictive and fatty food additives we consume daily as well as other bad lifestyle choices, Americans frequently have high cholesterol. Many of our customers have been able to reduce those numbers thanks to our health-focused cookware, and some have even been able to stop using medication!


Most importantly, for several of our clients, our cookware has proven to be a lifesaver during a challenging journey they initially believed they had little to no control over. We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to support such incredible and resilient people as they overcome adversity and find hope for a better future. Listen to these inspiring people as they share their tales of how Lustre Craft Cookware helped them reclaim their life.

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