Our goal at Lustre Craft Waterless Cookware is to help everyone in America reclaim control over their health and fitness by becoming the best tool and a helpful hand. Our waterless cookware is manufactured of surgical stainless steel, one of the highest quality materials available, ensuring that your one-time investment will last a lifetime and be passed down to the next generation, maintaining their health and wellbeing as well.

There is a meal for everyone to enjoy and it’s simple to create healthy recipes and prepare healthy meals, but if you’re new to your cookware or want to refresh your memory on how to use your waterless cookware to its fullest potential, keep reading!

First let’s start with the basics, how do you use the waterless cooking feature?

There is no need to add water, which would remove the nutrients and minerals from your ingredients, because Lustre Craft Waterless cookware with lids utilizes the water from your cleaned vegetables and meats that you place in your cookware. Turn on the stove, cover your cookware with the lid, and wait for the steam to come through after adding your proteins and washed produce to it. When you notice steam, spin the lid to reveal the magic in action, and the vapor seal is now operational!

The Vapor Seal creates a water base seal between the lid and cookware by utilizing condensation that forms inside the cookware. When you twist the lid of your cookware, you distribute the vapors evenly inside the crevasse the cover and cookware have made. This, along with the temperature difference, causes a suction to form, forming the Vapor Seal. The advantage of the Vapor Seal is that it can replace boiling and distribute heat similarly to an oven, saving time and, consequently, money on gas and electricity bills. It also preserves the nutrients and flavor of your food, which would otherwise be lost through boiling.

How do I know when my food is done, without lifting the lid?

Here’s how to recognize when your food is done as well as how to lift the lid after the Vapor Seal has been made. It is advised against lifting the lid up to peek after the Vapor Seal has been created because the abrupt change in temperature may interfere with the cooking process. Cooking just vegetables is incredibly simple because all you have to do is wait for the steam to come through the lid, spin, and then turn off the heat. In addition to significantly reducing time and energy requirements, the heat contained inside the cookware will continue to cook your vegetables, preserving their vitamins, minerals, and flavors until you’re ready to plate your meal. The timeframes will differ for meals that are more complicated.

The best approach for removing the lid from your cookware is to twist and pull at an angle; if that doesn’t work, don’t get nervous. Re-heating your cookware can cause the lid to become loose so you can easily take it off.

Another nice ability Lustre Craft Cookware has is that this cookware is greaseless, meaning you need little to no oils and butters to prepare your meals! Use the same vapor seal technique to your advantage to cook chicken, steak, and even fish with little to no grease in sauté pans. Your Lustre Craft sauté pans are ideal for the task since fatty proteins like steak, hog, and dark meat use their natural oils to prevent sticking to the pan. However, due to its low fat level, the Lustre Craft Sauce Pans with the Lid would be the best choice for cooking leaner pieces of meat. This is due to the fact that the vapor seal is made and the moisture in the lean meat can be used to prevent sticking to the pan. Only lift the lid when checking the progress of the meat and reform the Vapor Seal, and once your meat is cooked to your liking, remove the lid and cook on both side to form a nice crust!

The last Lustre Craft Cookware tip that you need to know is how to cook your eggs!

You can cook eggs in a variety of ways, so we’ll show you how to make an omelet, scramble them, and boil them without using any water! You will need fat for this recipe because eggs are a fat-free food. Make sure to pick a high-quality, healthy oil or butter. It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3 to make scrambled eggs. Simply heat some healthy oil in a pan over medium heat, add your seasoned and mixed eggs, and scramble them with a spatula to your desired level of wellness. Making omelets is simply as easy as making scrambled eggs. When the healthy fat is heated to a low temperature, add the eggs to the pan without stirring, followed by the fillings for your omelet on one half of the circle created. Once you’ve added all of your fillings, wait a short while until you can easily flip the empty side of the omelet with a spatula and flip it over to reveal your fillings. After removing the pan from the heat, gently serve the omelet by either lifting it with the spatula as a whole or sliding it onto a serving plate. And lastly, how can you boil eggs without using water? Now, wet a folded paper towel and put it in the sauce pan, making sure that its width and length are roughly equal to those of the sauce pan’s bottom. Then, put the eggs on top of the paper towel and turn the heat to medium-low. After that, place the lid on top to make a Vapor Seal, and then reduce the heat down to low. A soft boiled egg will be ready in 6-7 minutes, a medium boiled egg in 9–11 minutes, and a hard boiled egg in 13–15 minutes. The longer you cook your eggs, the firmer they will get. When your eggs have finished boiling, put them in an ice bath, peel them, and then enjoy!

These are some fundamentals for using your Lustre Craft Waterless Cookware to its full potential; we sincerely hope they helped you overcome your fear of using your new cookware! Thank you for being a part of the Lustre Craft Family! If you need any more help, we have a ton of stuff on our YouTube channel, including recipes and cooking lessons.

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