You’ve probably heard the saying, “You are what you eat,” and it couldn’t be more accurate. We use the nutrients in food to support a healthy body. What we don’t consume also has a role in the total lack of nourishment we have. America has been dealing with an increase in serious issues including diabetes, chronic illnesses, and obesity that only add to the body’s troubles. Due to the easy access to these foods, many families all over the world have developed an addiction to the additives included in them, including those found in fast food restaurants, snacks, sugar-filled beverages, and more. As a result, they are losing money and their quality of life. Numerous families have returned to home cooking at the dining table as a result of the current pandemic. Lustre Craft Waterless cookware allows you to retain more of the nutrition, flavors, and textures needed to help provide happy smiles and healthy meals to your growing family.

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The majority of nonstick cookware contains chemicals called PFOAs, which have been linked in recent research to liver damage, thyroid illness, poor fertility, high cholesterol, obesity, hormone suppression, and cancer. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did research in 2007 that established that more than 98% of Americans are exposed to PFOAs. The FDA estimates that 30 days of exposure to PFOA-contaminated food and water will result in approximately 1.5 years of this chemical lingering in your body. To combat this chemical, Luster Craft uses T304 stainless steel in the Cookware, which is the same metal used in knee and hip replacements. We created this cookware with the security of our families in mind, and we cherish the fact that you may use it, too. You can learn more about the dangers of forever chemicals, and the benefits of Lustre Craft stainless steel in our Learning Center.

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This is when waterless and greaseless stainless steel cookware comes in. Since 1906, Lustre Craft Cookware has been making American-made cookware that is designed to outlast Teflon in your house, restore your family’s health, and stay forever (see our Lustre Craft Story). Your body will regain the strength, minerals, vitamins, and health through your food if you use the cookware’s ability to cook with little to no water, which prevents boiling the nutrients and minerals out of your fresh produce, and cooking with little to no oil or butter, which lowers your risk of having high cholesterol and heart disease. Additionally, Vapor Technology is a feature of Lustre Craft Cookware that enables the cookware’s lid to seal shut utilizing water vapor produced by the moisture from your food, not only saving time and energy, but allows your food to retain over 90% of it’s nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Here at Lustre Craft, we have been trusted by thousands of families who share their stories of how Lustre Craft cookware has helped improve their health, diminished the affects of chronic illnesses, helped in losing weight, and giving others a fighting chance against serious health conditions such as diabetes and metal toxicity.

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Lustre Craft Cookware is meant to be the main tool in the kitchen for your health and wellness, and to be passed down the family line for generations to create and fortify a long line of healthy families. From pots, pans, baking trays, and kitchen tools, our stainless steel cookware is made for every type of meal you and your family want to enjoy!

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