The agency has been conducting studies on the prevalence of PFAS — a common chemical ingredient in nonstick pans — in various food and water sources.

Recent findings from the FDA showed there are toxic chemicals lurking in our food supply. PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), a group of about 5,000 synthetic compounds, are present in the blood of 98 percent of the U.S. population, and research shows our diets are the main source of exposure to these hazardous substances.”

These research have revealed a vicious loop in which fertilizers used on plants have allowed PFAS, also known as Forever Chemicals, to leak into our country’s water supply, food supply, and even live cattle. This is a serious problem as these “forever chemicals” are linked to liver damage, certain types of cancers, thyroid disease, infertility, high cholesterol, obesity and several other health conditions.”

Although substantial amounts of this persistent molecule have been discovered in a variety of meats and even chocolate cake, low concentrations of this chemical were identified in produce sold at farmers’ markets, despite the fact that these produce were grown within a 10-mile radius of a PFAS production facility.

The production of PFAS has mostly stopped in most places once it was discovered that this chemical was harming the environment in a long-lasting way, which is already half the battle won. The coating on non-stick cookware has the potential to contain this chemical, making your body receive a twofold dose of PFAS. Therefore, even if we have no control over the PFAS in our food, we can manage what we cook with it to minimize the impact by using the correct cookware, such Lustre Craft stainless steel. This cookware will ensure that you use little to no water or oil, relying solely on the moisture and fats in your fresh ingredients to make PFAS-free, healthful meals.

Wicks, Lauren. “FDA Confirms Toxic Nonstick Cookware Chemicals Are Contaminating Our Food and Water Supply.” Cooking Light, 4 June 2019,

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