In September 2018, it was discovered that:

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency blocked publication of a federal study for months because it revealed that perfluoroalkyl chemicals, or PFAs, were far more toxic than the agency previously thought.”

PFAs are synthetic chemicals that are found in products like firefighting foam, which shoots from a fire hose to put out and cool fires. Teflon cookware, which is used to prepare food for your family to eat, also contains this PFA chemical.

“The updated CDC assessment found that exposure to the chemicals at 10 parts per trillion – the equivalent size of 10 grains of sand in an Olympic-sized swimming pool — could have disastrous health impacts on sensitive populations such as infants and breastfeeding mothers.”

Meanwhile, those same chemicals are also lingering in our drinking water and it’s levels are in the danger zone is some parts of America:

“An estimated 6 million Americans get their drinking water from sources that exceed the EPA’s safe limit, from New York to Michigan to West Virginia. The contamination is especially bad around plants that manufacture the chemicals and military bases.

A government study concluding that the chemicals are more dangerous than previously thought could dramatically increase the cost of cleanups at sites like military bases and chemical manufacturing plants, and force neighboring communities to pour money into treating their drinking water supplies,” Politico reported.

America has always had a solution to all of these horrors, even if the USEPA has withheld crucial information from us for fear of widespread hysteria. The waterless stainless steel cookware from Lustre Craft is a surefire way to stop PFAs from contaminating our family’s meals and keep us healthy for a very long time.

Burrows, Sara. “CDC Publishes Study Covered up by EPA, Revealing Extreme Toxicity of Teflon Chemicals.” Return to Now, 7 Sept. 2018,

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