Diet is vitally crucial, suggested a number of medical professionals, according to an article titled “A Prescription For Lunch” that was published in the March 2022 issue of Time Magazine. Following the astounding benefits they are witnessing in their patients, doctors are starting to view food as medication.

According to Dr. Jaweon Ryu, the president and CEO of Geisinger Health System,

“When you prioritize food and teach people how to prepare healthy meals, lo and behold, it can end up being more impactful than medications themselves. That’s a big win.”

–  Dr. Jaweon Ryu

Lustre Craft is committed to teaching you and your family how to make scrumptious meals that are good for everyone’s health. You all use Lustre Craft Cookware, therefore I know firsthand the benefits of eating well. Please share your experience with us if using our cookware has improved your health in any way. We continue to serve you because many of our clients have given us a positive review, which makes us proud.

In fact, Mary Hoyt is one such testimony. According to her email:

“When I bought this set, I was in a wheelchair, recovering from a very serious illness due to a battle with cancer (two bouts with cancer and a life-threatening infection). My body was in a sad state, very de-conditioned from over two years in the hospital. But thanks to the delicious healthy foods we are able to cook with this cookware, my health has improved dramatically. I am now able to walk without any help, have had no further signs of cancer or disease, have great blood pressure, a healthy heart, and a healthy weight. I can definitely feel the difference that healthy eating has made in my life.”

We love this, Mary! So happy our cookware is positively changing lives. We believe in a healthy lifestyle for all.

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